Safety First!


In parts of America the Summer Break has already started, I believe. In the south of the Netherlands we still have to keep going for another 5 weeks! Then finally I can continue my explore around the world. Though, we can’t just mindlessly step into the airplane and fly off in joy. Unless, of course, you wanna get home to see burglars have emptied your house because you forgot to lock your window.

Simplisafe, experts in wireless home monitoring wanted to know how I made sure to leave my house safely behind. So today I’ve got a few tips and tricks!



Every evening, when the sun starts to go down and the moon slowly makes it’s way to some place high in the sky, lamps will jump on all across the house. My bedroom lamp will shine for a while, just as the lamps downstairs to make it look like someone’s home.

My father loves them deeply and though some burglars will be smarter than this, I think the time switch will help you a lot to keep your house and belongings safe!



Laptops, mobile phones, the playstation.. Everything expensive that we won’t bring along on our trip, will be brought to my grandmother. I think this might be a tip that not many people would think of, but it’s quite useful. Above all, transporting the precious belongings is another excuse to visit a family member or a good friend!

If you bring your belongings to a family member or friend, you probably should make sure they are not going on holiday somewhere else.



Unless you have enough money to afford a working security camera, you could easily buy a dummy of a security camera! Hang it outside, pointing towards a place that would be the easiest for burglars to enter your house and you’re done!

We have one hanging outside, pointing into the garden. It will definitely scare the burglars away.



Take photos of every expensive or important object that you cannot bring to, in my case, my grandmother. My father does this every year, over and over again. Photos of our pianoforte, photos of our televisions and such. I believe this is actually to be sure that if the objects get stolen, you still get an insurance.



Maybe this isn’t a big deal in America, because I believe you there have a mailbox standing away from the house. In the Netherland though, the mailbox is in the front door.

Throughout the whole year, teenagers go around playing with firework and it has happened in our town, that teenagers pushed firework through the mailbox and into the house.

Besides firework, there are ways to open locks by simply having a stick with a certain curve, and the technique. To prevent this from happening just make sure you seal your mailbox. Ducktape is probably the best option.



My parents tell me this every single year, twenty times over and over again. Do not post photos or messages about how amazing your holiday is, when you leave and when you come back. Sure, share pictures with friends but don’t put it all over facebook or instagram.

People aren’t stupid nowadays. They can track every little message if they want to, and if they see you’re still awake for another week, why not choose to burglar you?

I know, it’s hard not to post all those beautiful photos but it’s for the best.



This one is probably the worst tip ever, but it might actually work. All you gotta do is put a note on a table, which says something like ‘I’ll be home in half an hour.’

It’s so easy yet it might manage to scare people away. How ridiculous it might sound..



These tips have been fun, but they do not guarantee the protection of your house. I can almost hear you ask, what then does guarantee the protection of my house? Nothing. Burglars will be burglars.

But a way to keep your house super safe, is with a security system. Simplisafe has made this infographic on how to keep your house safe. For more information and tips on safety, check Simplisafe’s website.