Should We Conquer Our Fears?

This is what the dictionary tells you about fear.

Fear (n.); an unpleasant emotion or thought that you have when you are frightened or worried by something dangerous, painful or bad that is happening or might happen.

This is what, in my eyes, fear actually is.

Fear is an emotion or thought that warns you. The Human experience of fear is a result of stressors, hormones, and processing by our brains and nervous system. Watch out for that big truck or you might get overrun! Don’t get close to that spider because it might attack you! As you can conclude from these examples there is often a ‘might’ when you are talking about why you fear something, simply because we can never be sure.


Without fear life would be far more dangerous. People would take risks without even calling it risks because they don’t even risk. They’re just doing it, and whatever that it may mean, they are not afraid of it.

A world full of options will open up if you conquer every single one of your fears, but is that really worth it? Are we humans supposed to conquer our fears or are these fears in our lives for a reason?

If we’d conquer every single fear life would be far more boring. There wouldn’t be such things as adrenaline anymore. Rollarcoaster rides would be stupid because the tiny bit of fear inside of you will be gone.

We humans aren’t the only creatures who fear. Animals fear just as much as we do, and we know it. We’ve proven it through tests and sometimes it’s more than obvious to see that an animal is scared. So if they fear, why shouldn’t we? Are we really that different from animals at all? I don’t think so.

According to nowadays theories the human was either created by nature or by God. And guess what? Animals have been created by either of those just as well. Maybe most of them don’t have a working mind like we do, but they have many other specialties. Don’t you believe me?

Let’s start with the fish the salmon. These creatures have some sort of GPS in their minds because these fish can sense the Earth’s magnetic field and this will help them get home! Can we do that? Sure some of us have a good orientation but if something dropped us in the middle of nowhere, we could never ‘feel’ which way home was!

Bombardier beetles are next up on my list of pretty amazing animals. These beetles can trigger an internal chemical reaction that will create a boiling jet to expel towards their enemy! How sick is that?! Can we humans do a thing like that? No. The only thing we can shoot towards people we don’t like are farts, and they are not that special now are they?

And then we have this sick horned lizard. This little guy can shoot blood from it’s eye! Ew, gross yes I know but isn’t that amazing at the same time. (I don’t recommend that you search such videos of this animal because it’s pretty gross looking actually but that is not the point). The lizard can aim as good as a sharp-shooter and it will scare it’s enemies away.

And let’s not forget the Turritopsis Jellyfish! These cute jellyfishes can somehow make themselves young again and begin their life cycle over and over! How sick is that? Imagine us humans being able to do that!

Last, but secretly my favorite, the mantis shrimp. This little guy is first of all the most shiney and beautiful sea-animal I have ever seen but second of all, his abilities are amazing! You know how a human has 3 color-receptive cones. We have a green, red and blue cone which allows us to see thousands of mixed colors. But now imagine how the mantis shrimp would experience the world, as instead of 3 color-receptive cones he has 16! He can see colors that we never have and never will experience nor imagine. Isn’t it weird how we simply cannot imagine what those colors would look like?

Now I surely must’ve convinced you that there are way more interesting creatures than us humans. And honestly, I wandered a bit off topic but I just wanted to tell you these amazing facts. Back to the topic.

Fear is a big ‘what if’ that helps us remind the consequences of certain deeds. Should we really conquer these emotions so that we can go live a life without any tension?