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Wow! I HAVE BEEN TO LONDON! Together with my mother and sister I flew out to Stansted Airport, where we took multiply trains to get to Hammersmith. Here we stayed in a small hotel for four days and we visited many places in London. Here’s a little summary of what we have done.



After we settled in the hotel, we went to Picadilly Circus and we went to VUE cinemas to go see the BFG. It was an amazing film and afterwards we went to grab some food in pizzahut. In the evening we went on a tourbus through London, which was amazing since the guide was super funny.



We woke up early and I had some scrambled eggs with toasts and beans, which was the best breakfast ever! Then we went to Covent Garden, where we walked through several stores and had a drink. We visited the park that lay across Green Park’s Underground, where we at some fish and chips. Afterwards we went to Harrots and Hamleys, I believe, and in the evening we went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in theatre, which was like the best thing ever. The decors were amazing, the acting was on point and I just loved it.



After the exact same breakfast we went to the Londo Dungeon. As we were waiting, I felt like shitting my pants but it wasn’t scary at all. I could pretty much say I was slightly disappointed, but it was fun. Next up was Camden Market, which was this really beautiful place with shops and a market or two. That day we also went to see London Eye and the Big Ben from up close. In the evening we ate at Nando’s, and late evening I even tried a Scotch Egg for the first time! Yum!



We woke up early and went to see the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. We were very early and thought we had found a perfect spot, but it wasn’t close to the palace walls so we couldn’t actually see that much. We left early so that we could calmly grab the underground to the Museum of Natural History, and I loved it eventhough we only got to spend an hour in there because of our flight.

And so our amazing days in London end! I have loved every single bit of it.



Yes, another trip is added. I know I travel a lot, definitely for my age. I’m not even 16 and I already visited so many beautiful places. My sister will turn 18 next year, and my dad brought us to the idea of going to London for a few days next year. If you know me well, you know I’ve wanted to go to London since I was like 9. It’s not that far away, but it just seems so beautiful…

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