We were born to shine

I don’t want to live a life in which the government has already planned out my entire future- Study once High School is over, work until I’m old and then die as if my life has been fulfilled. How can a life be beautiful and succeeded if it hasn’t left behind anything except from a family name?

I can’t stand the idea of growing up, eventually dying without helping along to a different world. Not for me, but for the million others that will come after me. I want to be useful, I don’t want to get locked up in some silly office for 30 years.

Though I have dreams, like studying and travelling, I barely can see myself living in the same old home for 20 years while being married and having kids. Then you wake up almost every single day to do the same riddle of making breakfast, leaving to work, returning, going to bed and wake up the next day.

Isn’t that boring, I always want to ask other people including my parents. They don’t seem to want a different life, they seem to appreciate what they have.

Recently I saw a video of really old people who said they had fulfilled their lives and they were done with it. They wanted to die because they didn’t find their life worthy anymore. Some male figure said something along the lines of: ‘You wake up around 8, you eat breakfast and then you wait for time to pass. Nine o’clock, ten o’clock, eleven, twelve… And then, once you reach the evening you are too tired so you go to bed early. The next day you wake up, thinking: Oh, darn. I’m still alive.”’

I understand them, I would see myself feeling the same way if I had such a boring life too but I don’t understand what is so different about their life compared to an adult’s life. You wake up, you do what you do and you go to bed.

Sure, the ideal life I would love to have is quite extreme in all ways; Oh please let me wake up in a hotel most of the days, in all sorts of countries and capitals. Let me travel the world while continuing with the hobbies I have. Let me relax and let me explore. Let me learn about the world and let me share my knowledge with as many people as possible.

If I turn super old and I haven’t fulfilled my life the way I wanted it to be, I’d be so disappointed. I don’t want the standard life, but there is not much I can do about it; Travelling costs money, education costs money. Everything costs money and the only way to, legally, get money is to work.

Ugh, just a little rant. Sorry for not uploading as recently. I’m not in the mood.



Brontide (n.) the low rumble of distant thunder

The thunder is far away, but it is coming your way and after a certain time you will have to deal with thunder because there is simply nothing you can do to stop it. The only thing you can and must do, is embrace what is going on. Maybe even wait until the thunder has disappeared but until then you need to embrace it.

For me, that’s a summary of life. Things will happen that you certainly do not like, and most of these things cannot be prevented from happening. People who are dear to you will die, you might get a horrible illness or maybe you’ll have to survive a natural disaster. Terrible things happen in life but there is no running away from them.

You cannot run away from thunder because thunder is everywhere. Maybe it will take a while before you realize, but you will always end up in a storm.

And once the storm is gone things will get better. Petrichor (the pleasant, earthly smell after rain) will raise up into our nostrils and it will make us feel one with nature. Relieve will float through our veins as the rainy clouds disappear and a blue sky shines above us.

And this, dear you, is why the beautiful yet simple word Brontide is a word that helps me remember not to get stuck in my emotions.