What is real?

Reality is something we have spoken about countless of times. But what is reality? According to my dictionary the meaning of the word reality is ‘Something that actually exists or happens’. And so we say ”World War 2 was real.” and ”My dog exists” but how do we know? How do we know that these objects or events aren’t just things made up by your mind?

Because after all, we cannot prove that your dog exists. We don’t even know if the people around us actually have a mind. We all just suppose they do, but do they really? Ain’t I the only person who imagines all these crazy people and buildings?

A long time ago one woman murdered another. She argued that she believed she was in the so called Matrix. She believed that her crime was not a real thing and so, by reason of insanity, she was found unguilty. This confuses me, because there was no prove that she wasn’t in the Matrix. We cannot prove that her crime is a real thing. And why was the reason ‘insanity’? Simply because the opposite thoughts are being seen as way more healthy and logical. But once again, we cannot prove that her crime was an actual real thing.

All these thoughts and ideas of life are confusing and maybe even scary, but they interest me just as much. Lately I’ve been really into thinking which might sound odd. Now that it is finally summer break, I want to learn. And so I do. Anyway, let’s continue on the topic.

If you would disappear from the universe right now. Would life continue? Would the sun still be there or will it all die along with you. We cannot know that because there is no way to prove it. All we have is our own mind, which actually makes us very alone.

It all starts and ends with the mind. Without it, we wouldn’t be living in the first place. We wouldn’t be able to even hallucinate these things we call friends and we wouldn’t be able to think like we do.

Life is strange, but it’s interesting enough to try and find out more about it.