Test week is coming up in like 13 days, which means that I will have 4 days of pure horror. In those 4 days I will have 10 hours of tests, on 6 different subject! Mathematics B & D, Chemistry, Physics, English and Religion. Oh and if that isn’t enough, I have to have a Spanish conversation of about 10 minutes in the test week as well.

I’ve started like a week ago, but all I’ve done until now is made a summary of two paragraphs of Chemistry.. I still have to catch up on like 50 exercises of both Mathematics so basically. I’m going to die..

If you don’t want to be like me, maybe you should try out these tips if you have an examweek or anything alike!


What I do for every Chemistry paragraph is reading it out loud as I’m recording my voice with my IPod. I’ve been doing this for quite a while now, though I have never listened to the recording ever again. Anyway, this is how I learn my chapters of chemistry.

First I read it oud loud and record it. Then I read it again and try to understand everything, then I make a summary and lastly I make the exercises we had to make as homework which I didn’t make because I’m a terrible student.

You can find videos on pretty much every subject! So if you don’t understand something, or you just want to hear another explenation of it go to Youtube and search! I’ve been doing this for my Mathematics D, with uh Matrixes. Unfortunately I only could find English videos which even made me put in more effort, but it did help me understand!

Also, videos are a lifesafer if you have a.. What do they call it, listening test? Yeah. So for example I have a Spanish listening test once a year, and I suck at listening to Spanish people. So what I did was look op a Spanish Youtuber and I try to click on her videos every once in a while. This way I get entertained and learn from it!

Listening to people speaking a foreign language absolutely helps you understanding what they are saying much better! When I was in Salamanca for a week in some household with about 5 hours of Spanish classes a day, my hearing abilities definitely got better! Unfortunately it has already faded away a bit but that’s why I have my Youtube!

If you can explain the history of some war, or how matrixes work, you understand the curriculum. Wow, I’ve never even heard of that Curry-word before. Anyway, just keep trying to explain everything you need to learn and once you can sum it all up you are ready to go!

After a while of studying, you need to take a break. The way I relax is putting on one of my favorite youtubers, or painting a tiny bit of my Charmander. Either way, it’s somehow rewarding yourself for the little bit you’ve learned.

What I shouldn’t do is putting gummy bears or any sort of candy on the end of a paragraph, you know. You’ve probably seen it on Instagram or Tumblr or anything. I already have eaten all the gummy bears before I’ve put them at the ends of paragraphs..

If I’m not going over this year, my world is over. I know I can do this niveau of education and I like the subjects I’ve chosen. Only if I made my homework everytime I would go over to year 5 easily. I would disappoint myself so badly if I didn’t make it, and that’s what stimulates me to learn and study a bit early. Normally I would’ve started learning for the testweek, one day before the first test. Literally!

If I use that strategy now, in the fourth year out of six on VWO.. No, that won’t work. What will work? Studying.


Do you have study tips?


The Dutch Youtube Community.

If you are Dutch or Belgian and you watch a lot of Dutch youtubers, you might know what I’m talking about. If not, this post might be interesting. Basically, the Dutch Youtube Communicty 2016 is as shitty (sorry) as it has ever been. Why, let me explain.

The way I see it, the community is divided into several group. They all fight with each other in general.

First you’ve got the Fakers. These Youtubers make fake pranks or fake ‘he and she’s been kidnapped’ videos. 2016 was really the start of these Youtubers and though they sometimes have entertaining videos, it’s such a sad thing that they get the fame. Don’t get me wrong, but I just think that if you upload a fake prank, you need to mention that it’s a sketch..

Definitely if it’s a video about someone’s friend being kidnapped by the so called Murdered. Young kids are watching these videos, and they think it’s real. They can make the weirdest decisions because of that..

Then, the second group I’d call the Guards. I think an American Youtuber you could take as an example is Keemstar. In the Netherlands we have a slightly different channel for that. In my eyes this guy just spreads the rumors and chaos. Maybe he doesn’t start the hate between all sorts of groups, but he sure as hell spreads it across the country.

And then we have the, in my eyes, innocent people. These are just World’s Normalest people who either watch or make Youtube Videos. These try not to merge into the chaos and that is exactly what everone should do. But here I am, explaining you about the chaos haha. Well, there’s a reason why I don’t mention any Dutch Channels.

Lately there’s been so many Strikes, which are some sort of reports on a certain video of a Youtuber, either because of privacy reasons or other things. Channels have been deleted (even big Youtubers with 200.000 subscribers!) for totally unreasonable reasons! Yes, sure, some of the Strikes were well deserved but others completely not.

I was just wondering if the Youtube Communities are such a choas elsewhere in the world?

My Ultimate Dream Job.

From age 3 to 12 I was determined to become a painter one day. I mean, I always loved creating art so it wasn’t a hard or weird choice. Maybe the idea started when grandfather and I started to do this game, where he drew something and I had to guess what it was. Then I drew something and he had to guess.

From age 12 to round and about 15 I’ve been thinking about design. Still, I do want to do something creative when I’m older. I can’t imagine working all day with economic statics or anything, instead I just want to let my mind lose. Or at least partly lose. Throughout these years I’ve been thinking about the study Graphic Design at which you’ll learn how to create advertisements.

And now I am completely lost. Well, not completely. Most of my friends have no clue what they’re going to do, so compared to them I’m pretty prepared. After I finish High School (hopefully in 2018), I hope to have a gap year in which I’ll travel to Africa to do some volunteering work. For that, I’m already saving up money. And then, after the gap year I see three options.

The first option is Film. Specifically I’d say I’d want to study something like CGI Animations, though I’m not quite sure if that even exists here in the Netherlands. It’d be so awesome to create all these things that no one would ever think are fake, if you understand what I mean. Right now, CGI is my biggest dream.

Though, writing, editing and directing would be sick as well.

Another option is still design, Graphic Design, Architecture, something like that. Though, I wouldn’t be able to say I’m interested in one specific study..

The third option is Youtuber, I guess. It’s hard for me to confess that this is what I want to do as a hobby, but I’m too much of a pussy and I’m afraid that if I start Youtube, I’ll focus less on school. Right when I need to focus so badly on school..

So yeah. Now, my question is: What study do you want to do, or are you doing? How was it? What was it like? Tell me about it!


UPDATE { Less posts :( }

Hey guys, if you follow my blog you might have noticed I haven’t been posting much lately. One word, 6 letters. School. Things are getting more serious since I’m a grade higher and stuff, and I really am motivated to work well on my schoolwork so this is mainly why I upload less these days.

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Learn the Dutch Life?! #2


Good evening folks,
First things first, I changed my site to What’s Marvelous. What’s Marvelous sounds, at least to me, so much more professional than something most of humanity can’t even pronounce. But alright, now that’s mentioned let’s get into the post.

Not everything you read about Holland is true. Today I’ll tell you what’s true and what’s wrong.

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Learn the Dutch Life #1


Every country has it’s own habits, in England they have completely different things than in India. But what are those habits in the Netherlands, the country which is famous because of it’s tulips and mills. In this series, which will include 3 posts, I will tell you some of the unusual habits from this tiny land. This is the first post, and in this post I will talk about the typical Dutch food. (Pictures: stroopwafels and raw herring)

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