Should We Conquer Our Fears?

This is what the dictionary tells you about fear.

Fear (n.); an unpleasant emotion or thought that you have when you are frightened or worried by something dangerous, painful or bad that is happening or might happen.

This is what, in my eyes, fear actually is.

Fear is an emotion or thought that warns you. The Human experience of fear is a result of stressors, hormones, and processing by our brains and nervous system. Watch out for that big truck or you might get overrun! Don’t get close to that spider because it might attack you! As you can conclude from these examples there is often a ‘might’ when you are talking about why you fear something, simply because we can never be sure.


Without fear life would be far more dangerous. People would take risks without even calling it risks because they don’t even risk. They’re just doing it, and whatever that it may mean, they are not afraid of it.

A world full of options will open up if you conquer every single one of your fears, but is that really worth it? Are we humans supposed to conquer our fears or are these fears in our lives for a reason?

If we’d conquer every single fear life would be far more boring. There wouldn’t be such things as adrenaline anymore. Rollarcoaster rides would be stupid because the tiny bit of fear inside of you will be gone.

We humans aren’t the only creatures who fear. Animals fear just as much as we do, and we know it. We’ve proven it through tests and sometimes it’s more than obvious to see that an animal is scared. So if they fear, why shouldn’t we? Are we really that different from animals at all? I don’t think so.

According to nowadays theories the human was either created by nature or by God. And guess what? Animals have been created by either of those just as well. Maybe most of them don’t have a working mind like we do, but they have many other specialties. Don’t you believe me?

Let’s start with the fish the salmon. These creatures have some sort of GPS in their minds because these fish can sense the Earth’s magnetic field and this will help them get home! Can we do that? Sure some of us have a good orientation but if something dropped us in the middle of nowhere, we could never ‘feel’ which way home was!

Bombardier beetles are next up on my list of pretty amazing animals. These beetles can trigger an internal chemical reaction that will create a boiling jet to expel towards their enemy! How sick is that?! Can we humans do a thing like that? No. The only thing we can shoot towards people we don’t like are farts, and they are not that special now are they?

And then we have this sick horned lizard. This little guy can shoot blood from it’s eye! Ew, gross yes I know but isn’t that amazing at the same time. (I don’t recommend that you search such videos of this animal because it’s pretty gross looking actually but that is not the point). The lizard can aim as good as a sharp-shooter and it will scare it’s enemies away.

And let’s not forget the Turritopsis Jellyfish! These cute jellyfishes can somehow make themselves young again and begin their life cycle over and over! How sick is that? Imagine us humans being able to do that!

Last, but secretly my favorite, the mantis shrimp. This little guy is first of all the most shiney and beautiful sea-animal I have ever seen but second of all, his abilities are amazing! You know how a human has 3 color-receptive cones. We have a green, red and blue cone which allows us to see thousands of mixed colors. But now imagine how the mantis shrimp would experience the world, as instead of 3 color-receptive cones he has 16! He can see colors that we never have and never will experience nor imagine. Isn’t it weird how we simply cannot imagine what those colors would look like?

Now I surely must’ve convinced you that there are way more interesting creatures than us humans. And honestly, I wandered a bit off topic but I just wanted to tell you these amazing facts. Back to the topic.

Fear is a big ‘what if’ that helps us remind the consequences of certain deeds. Should we really conquer these emotions so that we can go live a life without any tension?

What is real?

Reality is something we have spoken about countless of times. But what is reality? According to my dictionary the meaning of the word reality is ‘Something that actually exists or happens’. And so we say ”World War 2 was real.” and ”My dog exists” but how do we know? How do we know that these objects or events aren’t just things made up by your mind?

Because after all, we cannot prove that your dog exists. We don’t even know if the people around us actually have a mind. We all just suppose they do, but do they really? Ain’t I the only person who imagines all these crazy people and buildings?

A long time ago one woman murdered another. She argued that she believed she was in the so called Matrix. She believed that her crime was not a real thing and so, by reason of insanity, she was found unguilty. This confuses me, because there was no prove that she wasn’t in the Matrix. We cannot prove that her crime is a real thing. And why was the reason ‘insanity’? Simply because the opposite thoughts are being seen as way more healthy and logical. But once again, we cannot prove that her crime was an actual real thing.

All these thoughts and ideas of life are confusing and maybe even scary, but they interest me just as much. Lately I’ve been really into thinking which might sound odd. Now that it is finally summer break, I want to learn. And so I do. Anyway, let’s continue on the topic.

If you would disappear from the universe right now. Would life continue? Would the sun still be there or will it all die along with you. We cannot know that because there is no way to prove it. All we have is our own mind, which actually makes us very alone.

It all starts and ends with the mind. Without it, we wouldn’t be living in the first place. We wouldn’t be able to even hallucinate these things we call friends and we wouldn’t be able to think like we do.

Life is strange, but it’s interesting enough to try and find out more about it.




Brontide (n.) the low rumble of distant thunder

The thunder is far away, but it is coming your way and after a certain time you will have to deal with thunder because there is simply nothing you can do to stop it. The only thing you can and must do, is embrace what is going on. Maybe even wait until the thunder has disappeared but until then you need to embrace it.

For me, that’s a summary of life. Things will happen that you certainly do not like, and most of these things cannot be prevented from happening. People who are dear to you will die, you might get a horrible illness or maybe you’ll have to survive a natural disaster. Terrible things happen in life but there is no running away from them.

You cannot run away from thunder because thunder is everywhere. Maybe it will take a while before you realize, but you will always end up in a storm.

And once the storm is gone things will get better. Petrichor (the pleasant, earthly smell after rain) will raise up into our nostrils and it will make us feel one with nature. Relieve will float through our veins as the rainy clouds disappear and a blue sky shines above us.

And this, dear you, is why the beautiful yet simple word Brontide is a word that helps me remember not to get stuck in my emotions.

Certain People.

Certain people make a certain impression on me, when I first meet or see them. In real life, but as well as in the virtual world there are millions of personalities. Some as bright, some a bit darker. Though, who I recently found on YouTube changed my view op perspective maybe just a bit. So that is why, today, I will tell you about him and a few other, very inspiring people.


Let’s start of with the person that can wear the most beautiful smile I have ever seen in my entire life, and now I’m not trying to point out that I fancy him, because he’s 21 years old right now and I’m 16 so it be kinda odd.

Back to the point. This guy seems to be so positive, so happy and so genuine. Obviously I have not met him in real life, but to me it seems like he has a pure heart and I just love him for that. He’s an actor, I think, and a YouTuber, so you should definitely check him out.

Jonah kind of inspires me to look at the bright sides of things, if that makes sense. He’s always so happy, laughing like a goof and I guess it just makes me want to have as much fun as he has. So, I very much appreciate his existence.



This boy from Belgium is only 17 years old, and he ain’t perfect. A while ago (correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t know the exact situation because I don’t think it’s my business), Nathan and his fellow Youtuber friends were in a fight. Their friendship was ended and so Nathan made a video in which he explained things.

He told us about his bad habbits, and how he hates them though finds it hard to get rid of them. He lies and gets jealous easily, which both aren’t the rarest habbits but they are not good habbits.

Nathan kind of inspires me to accept myself the way I am. And then I am mainly talking about the bad habbits, because I lie every now and then too. Obviously I’m not just accepting that habbit, so please don’t think I will continue lying. But I am embracing some other habbits as I try to get rid of the worser ones.


This guy, better known as Anxiety War on Youtube, has already exposed a couple of pedophiles. The way he works is simple. He goes in all sorts of chats to act like a young girl or boy, and that way he gets in contact with certain pedophiles. After weeks of dirty conversations, he and the pedophile decide to meet up and then the confrontation begins.

Zach really inspires me to think straight and do what is best. Obviously I never would even consider becoming a pedophile (I don’t even think it’s possible due gender reasons), but you surely understand what I am trying to say.

If we want our worldwide community to stick together, instead of murdering one after another, we gotta work together. We gotta help each other and we have to prevent bad things from happening.

Unfortunately Zach has been sued by one of these pedophiles he has confronted. Since Zach doesn’t make any money through the Youtube videos he uploads, he doesn’t have enough money for an attorney. So please, I beg you, watch his videos as many times as you want and then please donate here.





Pokémon Go, my new addiction?

Several days ago, Pokémon Go has been released in Canada and such. Unfortunately it hasn’t been released in the Netherlands yet, though somehow I managed to get a download for the app. I’ve been playing, and I still am playing, Pokémon Diamond on my DS. Recently I have decided to rewatch the whole Pokémon series and well, let’s just say I am going crazy.

The hardest decisions in my life, have probably been about deciding which starter Pokémon to choose. So when I opened the app, my mind was full of considerations. Finally I have decided to choose Bulbasaur. Why? Well, first of all Charmander is way overused. Yes, I like Charmander probably more then Bulbasaur but seven out of ten would choose him. Then why no Squirtle? In my eyes Squirtle is just a cute (but badass) Pokémon that probably would be chosen by most girls who barely know what a Pokédex is.

So Bulbasaur it is.

I used my first Insence pretty straight away, because I just wanted to catch some Pokémon. I now have 15 Pokémon. Highest Combat Points is from Fearow, which I am fearly proud of to carry with me. He has a CP of 141 which is not bad at all.

Then I have one Venonat, CP 69. A Pidgeotto, CP 67. A Spearow, CP 42 and 10. A Weedle, CP 36 and 17. A Pidget, CP 28, 10 and 10.  A Rattata, CP 23, 10 and 10. Bulbasaur CP 14. And lastly a Kakuna CP 10.

So there’s a gym, captured by Team Red literally 200 meters away from me. A Pidgeot is guarding it. Then I see two Pokéstops both closeby aswell.

The game crashed a little bit earlier on, and my character kept walking towards the gym without me having to walk. From there I quickly made a screenshot and I saw another gym captured by Team Red, and a few Poké stops more.

Another big choice lays ahead. Which Team should I join? I’ve heard the mayority has join Blue, though in my area things have been captured by red. So if I join red, I sort of am in advantage. Though, if I choose a different team I can actually fight nearby my house.

For this game you need Internet Connection. One problem, I have prepaid. I’m not sure whether you use that term in English too but in the Netherlands it means that I do not have a subscription on a certain ammount of MP. Which means that if I want to get Internet somewhere without WiFi, I will need to spend lots of money.

Also, if I somehow find eggs I have no idea how I will manage to walk for 2, 5 or 10 kilometres because driving with bus or car doesn’t work, and besides I do not have Internet so it wouldn’t be recorded either way…


So yeah.. My goal is to find a Noctowl..

Do you have the game?





Test week is coming up in like 13 days, which means that I will have 4 days of pure horror. In those 4 days I will have 10 hours of tests, on 6 different subject! Mathematics B & D, Chemistry, Physics, English and Religion. Oh and if that isn’t enough, I have to have a Spanish conversation of about 10 minutes in the test week as well.

I’ve started like a week ago, but all I’ve done until now is made a summary of two paragraphs of Chemistry.. I still have to catch up on like 50 exercises of both Mathematics so basically. I’m going to die..

If you don’t want to be like me, maybe you should try out these tips if you have an examweek or anything alike!


What I do for every Chemistry paragraph is reading it out loud as I’m recording my voice with my IPod. I’ve been doing this for quite a while now, though I have never listened to the recording ever again. Anyway, this is how I learn my chapters of chemistry.

First I read it oud loud and record it. Then I read it again and try to understand everything, then I make a summary and lastly I make the exercises we had to make as homework which I didn’t make because I’m a terrible student.

You can find videos on pretty much every subject! So if you don’t understand something, or you just want to hear another explenation of it go to Youtube and search! I’ve been doing this for my Mathematics D, with uh Matrixes. Unfortunately I only could find English videos which even made me put in more effort, but it did help me understand!

Also, videos are a lifesafer if you have a.. What do they call it, listening test? Yeah. So for example I have a Spanish listening test once a year, and I suck at listening to Spanish people. So what I did was look op a Spanish Youtuber and I try to click on her videos every once in a while. This way I get entertained and learn from it!

Listening to people speaking a foreign language absolutely helps you understanding what they are saying much better! When I was in Salamanca for a week in some household with about 5 hours of Spanish classes a day, my hearing abilities definitely got better! Unfortunately it has already faded away a bit but that’s why I have my Youtube!

If you can explain the history of some war, or how matrixes work, you understand the curriculum. Wow, I’ve never even heard of that Curry-word before. Anyway, just keep trying to explain everything you need to learn and once you can sum it all up you are ready to go!

After a while of studying, you need to take a break. The way I relax is putting on one of my favorite youtubers, or painting a tiny bit of my Charmander. Either way, it’s somehow rewarding yourself for the little bit you’ve learned.

What I shouldn’t do is putting gummy bears or any sort of candy on the end of a paragraph, you know. You’ve probably seen it on Instagram or Tumblr or anything. I already have eaten all the gummy bears before I’ve put them at the ends of paragraphs..

If I’m not going over this year, my world is over. I know I can do this niveau of education and I like the subjects I’ve chosen. Only if I made my homework everytime I would go over to year 5 easily. I would disappoint myself so badly if I didn’t make it, and that’s what stimulates me to learn and study a bit early. Normally I would’ve started learning for the testweek, one day before the first test. Literally!

If I use that strategy now, in the fourth year out of six on VWO.. No, that won’t work. What will work? Studying.


Do you have study tips?


Kruidvat Miniscule Shoplog!

My hair is not really the kind of coupe you’d want to have. If you don’t brush it after washing it, it curls a bit. But the curl disappears within a day so the next day you either will have to brush it and it’ll look like you’re an exploded kitten. Or you have to wash your hair again.

So I bought some products to try and stimulate the curls. I went to kruidvat and bought the following products.


First of all a mouse! This one is from L’Oreal and promises to stimulate the curl. It cost me like 5 euros. It’s such a funny feeling to sqeeze the mouse through your hair and I really have no idea what or how I should use it but I’m just trying things out.






Then we’ve got a wave enhancing spray. This one is also from L’Oreal’s studio line and because of some sale I had two L’Oreal Studio products for the price of just one!

Apparently this spray makes your hair less heavy, and I actually noticed the difference!





And this one is not really to stimulate my curls, but I needed a new brush and this one looked fine. It cost me like 8 euros. It includes pigs hairs and even comes with a tiny brush to clean this brush!

The Dutch Youtube Community.

If you are Dutch or Belgian and you watch a lot of Dutch youtubers, you might know what I’m talking about. If not, this post might be interesting. Basically, the Dutch Youtube Communicty 2016 is as shitty (sorry) as it has ever been. Why, let me explain.

The way I see it, the community is divided into several group. They all fight with each other in general.

First you’ve got the Fakers. These Youtubers make fake pranks or fake ‘he and she’s been kidnapped’ videos. 2016 was really the start of these Youtubers and though they sometimes have entertaining videos, it’s such a sad thing that they get the fame. Don’t get me wrong, but I just think that if you upload a fake prank, you need to mention that it’s a sketch..

Definitely if it’s a video about someone’s friend being kidnapped by the so called Murdered. Young kids are watching these videos, and they think it’s real. They can make the weirdest decisions because of that..

Then, the second group I’d call the Guards. I think an American Youtuber you could take as an example is Keemstar. In the Netherlands we have a slightly different channel for that. In my eyes this guy just spreads the rumors and chaos. Maybe he doesn’t start the hate between all sorts of groups, but he sure as hell spreads it across the country.

And then we have the, in my eyes, innocent people. These are just World’s Normalest people who either watch or make Youtube Videos. These try not to merge into the chaos and that is exactly what everone should do. But here I am, explaining you about the chaos haha. Well, there’s a reason why I don’t mention any Dutch Channels.

Lately there’s been so many Strikes, which are some sort of reports on a certain video of a Youtuber, either because of privacy reasons or other things. Channels have been deleted (even big Youtubers with 200.000 subscribers!) for totally unreasonable reasons! Yes, sure, some of the Strikes were well deserved but others completely not.

I was just wondering if the Youtube Communities are such a choas elsewhere in the world?

What I Got For My Birthday! 2016


So from my sister I got the Nivea Creme Sensitive. It smells honestly so good and something for under the shower always does good! Thank you sister, love you.
Then I got the Oil & Care Oil. You see, since Salamanca I’ve been trying to get my hair in it’s more natural state, which is wavy or maybe even curly. My friend recommended me to use oil after showering, so I’ve been doing that. Very nice!


I feel bad to say that after 16 days I still haven’t used this present. It’s Oil Paint but then a different sort for which you don’t need terpetine. So I don’t think it’s actually oil but oh well, it’s super cool. I really wanna test it out, but Oil Paint can be so expensive and I don’t want to waiste any.. So then to go with the paint I got some.. What do you call them, canvas? They always come in handy.


I also got this World Map, which I wanted so badly.It’s pretty big and I marked with the red stickers which places I’ve visited. Though I did forget to mark Kreta, Grece. The Blue spots are the places I’m going to visit this year and I also thought I marked some spots white but I can’t find them anymore.. If you do, those are the places I’d like to visit one day.


And OH MY GOSH! I got a new phone! I don’t think I’ve told any of you, but I used to have the LG E400 for like 4 years. Unfortunately it just decided to get really annoying because I couldn’t even download whatsapp anymore. I really needed a new one and now look at this beauty! Oh my, I can’t even believe it. I’m so thankful!

This is the Acer Z530 and it’s so pretty and gigantic, compared to my last phone. I also got a simple case with it, which is definitely useful because I’m really clumsy..

Then I also got some chocolate and money which I, of course, am really thankful of as well! Thank you all who gave me presents, and thanks to most of my friends who totally forgot my birthday, haha!

My Ultimate Dream Job.

From age 3 to 12 I was determined to become a painter one day. I mean, I always loved creating art so it wasn’t a hard or weird choice. Maybe the idea started when grandfather and I started to do this game, where he drew something and I had to guess what it was. Then I drew something and he had to guess.

From age 12 to round and about 15 I’ve been thinking about design. Still, I do want to do something creative when I’m older. I can’t imagine working all day with economic statics or anything, instead I just want to let my mind lose. Or at least partly lose. Throughout these years I’ve been thinking about the study Graphic Design at which you’ll learn how to create advertisements.

And now I am completely lost. Well, not completely. Most of my friends have no clue what they’re going to do, so compared to them I’m pretty prepared. After I finish High School (hopefully in 2018), I hope to have a gap year in which I’ll travel to Africa to do some volunteering work. For that, I’m already saving up money. And then, after the gap year I see three options.

The first option is Film. Specifically I’d say I’d want to study something like CGI Animations, though I’m not quite sure if that even exists here in the Netherlands. It’d be so awesome to create all these things that no one would ever think are fake, if you understand what I mean. Right now, CGI is my biggest dream.

Though, writing, editing and directing would be sick as well.

Another option is still design, Graphic Design, Architecture, something like that. Though, I wouldn’t be able to say I’m interested in one specific study..

The third option is Youtuber, I guess. It’s hard for me to confess that this is what I want to do as a hobby, but I’m too much of a pussy and I’m afraid that if I start Youtube, I’ll focus less on school. Right when I need to focus so badly on school..

So yeah. Now, my question is: What study do you want to do, or are you doing? How was it? What was it like? Tell me about it!


The Sims 4 Houstour?!


And there I am, again after a pretty long break. It’s not that I dislike writing or anything, but I just don’t feel like doing it and when I finally found the spirit to write, I didn’t know what it could be about. So I am very sorry, but at the same time I don’t think any of you really mind.. Haha.

Anyway, today I’ll show you around in my Sims 4 house! Entrée.

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The Walking Dead Tag?!


Hey everyone, about one and a half week ago I started watching The Walking Dead. First evening I began watching, I immediately watched 7 episodes. After almost 2 weeks I’m in season 3, episode 8 or something. The Walking Dead is probably one of my favorite series so that’s why I figured to do this Tag! There might be spoilers in some of the answers, but as I mentioned I haven’t watched all of the episodes yet. So if you already watched episode 8 of season 3, you don’t have to be afraid to catch any spoilers. Enjoy!
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