Fennec’s Awakening

Whale In Progress has been with me for the past two years, but I have lost the connection with the name. Therefore I have come up with a new, refreshing name. I have been debating with myself about the name, but as you can see WhaleInProgress has officially changed its name to Fennec’s Awakening.

Not only has the name of my blog changed, but I want to start making better and more quality posts with high definition photographs. I want to express my own creativity through this blog by showing you my digital art and writing.

This is no longer a place for a bunch of messy posts. I want this to be a clean and specified website about expressing your art and your mind. So, to start off with this entirely changed website, I’d like to share some simple photographs I have made recently.


  • Maximilia



First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I hope everyone had a few amazing holidays, and I hope everyone’s made a good start with 2016.

Now let’s continue. I lately have many dreams, and I honestly love it so I thougt, seeing these dreams are all a bit odd, why not tell you about it? Every time I dream something I write it down as soon as I wake up. I read somewhere that this could help you controlling your dream and since I’m writing my dreams down I do have more dreams.

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