Fear Of Missing Out

This one is to the girl that felt lonely every day, all day long. To the boy who was called out as nerd. To the girl who was best friends with the hottest girl from high school and even to the boy who seemed to have a good life.

At a sudden point, I think we all feel left out. Maybe it’s because you feel like you truly don’t belong, or maybe it is because you are literally left out. Let me give you an example for this.

Josh has 3 best friends, 5 good friends and 4 friends. On a certain evening all 3 of Josh’s best friends, and two of his good friends go out for dinner. But Josh is not invited to join them. Josh feels left out because he seems to be the only one who isn’t invited. But that’s not the case.

Melissa is one of the good friends of Josh, who isn’t invited either. She has 1 best friend, and two good friends. Her best friend and a good friend of her are both invited for the evening out, but she isn’t. Melissa feels left out and starts doubting if her friends even like her. But that’s not the case.

The point of this example is to give you the realization that everybody has a different point of view in such situations. Yeah, maybe some of your friends didn’t invite you to come but that doesn’t mean they don’t like you. They simply made plans when you weren’t there, so be it. If you feel lonely and left out because of that, then search for other friends to do things with.

The reason I chose this subject for a blogpost for today, was because my best friend seemed to be very sad lately. She often complains about how she’s uninvited for things even though, in my point of view, I’m the one who is often left out. The difference between her and me, is that she actually tries to join this group of people in the end.

I find this somehow rude. Sure, they might be your friends but if they made plans and you weren’t invited, it means that they just wanted this group of people to hang out with. Sure, they won’t mind if you join them, but I just think that sometimes you have to let things happen. I can’t really give any good arguments for it.

When I get left out, I often find myself curled up in my bed, watching Youtube to waiste my time as I secretly think about how I would’ve wanted to be invited. You see, I don’t like missing out on things. Whenever my parents leave for the mall, I want to join because I don’t want to miss anything. I want to be everywhere and always because I want to have a laugh.

Here are a few quotes of Connor Franta, by whom I found out about FOMO. FOMO stands for Fear Of Missing Out and means as it says.

We’ve all tasted it, especially on those weekend nights when you’ve chosen to stay in and then see your friends post on social media about their fun evening out, and you squirm with jealousy.


There have been instances when I’ve spent more time worrying that I’m missing out on something than actually enjoying what’s right in front of me.


Life should be more about living in the moment than fearing what’s happening outside it. It’s about honoring what you want to do at any given time, regardless of what everyone else is doing.

My Ultimate Dream Job.

From age 3 to 12 I was determined to become a painter one day. I mean, I always loved creating art so it wasn’t a hard or weird choice. Maybe the idea started when grandfather and I started to do this game, where he drew something and I had to guess what it was. Then I drew something and he had to guess.

From age 12 to round and about 15 I’ve been thinking about design. Still, I do want to do something creative when I’m older. I can’t imagine working all day with economic statics or anything, instead I just want to let my mind lose. Or at least partly lose. Throughout these years I’ve been thinking about the study Graphic Design at which you’ll learn how to create advertisements.

And now I am completely lost. Well, not completely. Most of my friends have no clue what they’re going to do, so compared to them I’m pretty prepared. After I finish High School (hopefully in 2018), I hope to have a gap year in which I’ll travel to Africa to do some volunteering work. For that, I’m already saving up money. And then, after the gap year I see three options.

The first option is Film. Specifically I’d say I’d want to study something like CGI Animations, though I’m not quite sure if that even exists here in the Netherlands. It’d be so awesome to create all these things that no one would ever think are fake, if you understand what I mean. Right now, CGI is my biggest dream.

Though, writing, editing and directing would be sick as well.

Another option is still design, Graphic Design, Architecture, something like that. Though, I wouldn’t be able to say I’m interested in one specific study..

The third option is Youtuber, I guess. It’s hard for me to confess that this is what I want to do as a hobby, but I’m too much of a pussy and I’m afraid that if I start Youtube, I’ll focus less on school. Right when I need to focus so badly on school..

So yeah. Now, my question is: What study do you want to do, or are you doing? How was it? What was it like? Tell me about it!


No Post November? Sorry…

Isn’t it No Post November? No? Oh, snap..
Sorry about not posting one single article for the past 20 days. I have been busy with loads of other things, and I just didn’t feel like making articles. I feel bad for not uploading, but there’s not a thing I can do to redo it. So let’s just do the thing that I can do. Making an article. This one will be about No Shave November.

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