Although I did not realize until a few years ago, writing has always been a part of my life. At the age of 11 I was told that there was this magical site called Wattpad on which you could upload your very own stories. Before that discovery I had written about Donald Duck’s stolen Chocolate Bar and talking dogs who had a club. After finding Wattpad, I started writing about the people that I liked. Ridiculous stories about Niall Horan and Liam Payne followed.

I had always been the one with a grand imagination. At the age of 8 I had made up a Guinea-Pig club with my best friend. We created imaginative superhero Guinea-pigs and gave them names. We allowed only a selection of friends to join us and adopt a pet and after half a year we had created 50 guinea pigs, every single one of them had a name and character. You had Heindje, who belonged to my best friend and farted literally everywhere you went. And there was Grootte, leader of the entire pack.

I believe I started my first blog perhaps two years later. No, I think it might’ve been 2012. I started writing an entirely different story, I was talking about clothes and experiences rather than fantasizing a dramatic story. It was something different, but I liked it.

Now, almost at the end of 2017, I can proudly say that I have learned very much on my 6 year long journey. Rereading my own stories helped me so much with finding out what I wanted to write and what I didn’t. Perhaps I did lose the non-stop ideas that once came to my mind but I am more creative then ever. I’m thinking differently than I used to and now I don’t just focus on the story itself. I focus on the characters, the setting and every little word that I write down.

I’m far from a great writer, but I’m only 17 years old. There’s enough room for improvements and I will gladly take on that challenge.


Earnings of a 17 year old

Summer break. Seven or eight weeks that are promised to be sunny and hot, exciting and memorable. But here I am, sitting behind my laptop next to a window through which I can see thick rain drops falling off of leaves. The weather hasn’t been summer-ish here in the Netherlands, meaning that I unfortunately can’t go out and swim all and every day.

So, besides being creative I have decided to be as productive as possible. Ever since I was little I wanted to make money. I’d make these little magazines filled with offers of my services, such as downloading a Nintendo DS game for someone or cleaning their room. Mom didn’t think it was such a good idea to earn money from my siblings their chores, so I had to drop it.

But now, at the age of 17, I’m allowed to do a lot more. I’ve been doing these advertisement sites on which you can get a few cents by clicking on a button, but it hasn’t exactly been paying off. After more than a year I have almost reached 12,50 euros…

And on August 2015 I started getting actually paid. I started with my account on Redbubble, as I may or may not have told you about more than a thousand times. Every single time I would get a notification that I had earned three euros, I would get so excited. The earnings kept going up and up, especially each year around Christmas, but my current sales are getting lower and lower. Therefor I’ve decided to concentrate on making new designs this summer.

Since the start of summer I also have a job. A real life, summer job kinda thing. About twenty hours a week I’m in a clothing store for pregnant ladies and young newborns. I’m behind the cash register and although I’m getting paid terrible, the job isn’t as bad. I’m just glad that I have something to do this summer and I’m getting paid for it.

Then, also, I have an account of Fiverr. This is such a useful site if you need to get things done and you don’t want to spend too much money to get a logo designed or something. I personally have been translating documents a few times now, and although it takes up so much time and I get less than what would be the minimum wage, I’m happy to earn something from it.

And yet, with these types of income and my weekly pocket money I’m struggling to safe money for later. I’m also selling some old stuff like lamps and books, but I need to find a way to earn more money and safe it better.

Any tips would be extremely appreciated!


Growing up and growing old

Growing up and growing old are two entirely different things. The first one labels personality while the latter one emphasizes age. Perhaps I have mentioned it before, but I strongly dislike the idea of growing old. Watching everyone that you spend so much time with die while you keep on aging. Reaching the age where you know that it is too late to achieve what you have been dreaming for. I don’t like any of it.

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What do I want?

”What do you want to do when you grow up? What do you want to study, where do you want to live? Do you want children?” Questions like these constantly swirl through my mind, day in day out. As of right now I am in junior year, meaning that in two years I will be graduated. In school we sometimes discuss where everyone wants to study and when we do, I always keep quiet.

I have so many dreams. I want to study yet a the same time I want to take a Gap-Year. If it ever would be possible and inexpensive I would prefer to complete multiple bachelors and one or perhaps two majors. Why? Because I want to learn!

Right now I feel intrigued by Film Studies. There is this college in Amsterdam where I can see myself studying and part of me wants to do everything possible to go to that specific school. But that isn’t an University, it’s an HBO. It’s easier, I guess would be the easiest explanation. With the certificate that I will get as soon as I graduate from High School, I will be able to go to all universities or HBO’s. But because I studied this high level (I guess it’s similar to AP classes), I feel the need to go to university.

So then there’s astronomy which has always been so interesting to me. For that you need to be really good at physics and well.. I’m not. Still, I would love to work hard to learn about space and planets and stars…

At the moment I am thinking about taking a gap-year after High School. In this gap year I had hoped to go to a High School in America (even though their schools would be ‘too easy’ for me as I would have graduated already) but apparently that isn’t possible at the age of 18. So then I was thinking about studying abroad. A few months learning English in an English-speaking country would be so cool!

There’s so much I want to do and see. I want to learn, travel and experience but right now I cannot do any of those things. I’m stuck with High School for two more years, but I’m okay with that. I can’t imagine my High School years to be over. These people that I met are so special to me. I can’t imagine a life without them..

Has any of you studied abroad? If so, what did you study and where? I’d love to know!


My future Gab Year?!

Naamloos 1
I love looking forward to all the things I could do. One of those things is my Gap Year, which I definitely want. Probably when I turn 19, I’m graduated from High School and I can have my Gap Year. I sorted some things out that I definitely would like to do in my Gap Year. And for those things, I probably should start saving some money.

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My Introduction Post!

First of all, I’d like to welcome you here.
Let me introduce myself. My name is Dnee and I am 14 years old. I come from the rainy Netherlands but one day I’d like to move to America, England or Australia. That’s because I prefer the English language and I think the Netherlands are kinda boring.
I started this site because of the many minutes I’m bored. I figured that the whole set up of a site, the layouts and all, would be a great practice for me since I’d like to study Design.

I have no idea what to post on this site, but I guess I’ll figure that out someday. Maybe my travel experiences, tags and book reviews. No make-up related things tough.  Let me know if you have an idea for what I could post on here, and I’ll see you later!



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