Although I did not realize until a few years ago, writing has always been a part of my life. At the age of 11 I was told that there was this magical site called Wattpad on which you could upload your very own stories. Before that discovery I had written about Donald Duck’s stolen Chocolate Bar and talking dogs who had a club. After finding Wattpad, I started writing about the people that I liked. Ridiculous stories about Niall Horan and Liam Payne followed.

I had always been the one with a grand imagination. At the age of 8 I had made up a Guinea-Pig club with my best friend. We created imaginative superhero Guinea-pigs and gave them names. We allowed only a selection of friends to join us and adopt a pet and after half a year we had created 50 guinea pigs, every single one of them had a name and character. You had Heindje, who belonged to my best friend and farted literally everywhere you went. And there was Grootte, leader of the entire pack.

I believe I started my first blog perhaps two years later. No, I think it might’ve been 2012. I started writing an entirely different story, I was talking about clothes and experiences rather than fantasizing a dramatic story. It was something different, but I liked it.

Now, almost at the end of 2017, I can proudly say that I have learned very much on my 6 year long journey. Rereading my own stories helped me so much with finding out what I wanted to write and what I didn’t. Perhaps I did lose the non-stop ideas that once came to my mind but I am more creative then ever. I’m thinking differently than I used to and now I don’t just focus on the story itself. I focus on the characters, the setting and every little word that I write down.

I’m far from a great writer, but I’m only 17 years old. There’s enough room for improvements and I will gladly take on that challenge.



I went to Lisbon, Portugal. I loved it and therefor I’d love to share my experience with you. Here I will recommend sightseeings, food and more. I will also spread my foundings on the Portuguese people.

day zero

We arrived the evening before at the airport and took the red line of the metro to Alameda where we switched to the green line to Baixa-Chaido. For almost a week we stayed at the Palácio das Especiarias Guesthouse. The man who welcomed us showed us around and told us bits about the old building. We eventually had to walk 83 stairs to get to our small apartment. Breakfast was on about 40 stair steps high and consisted of various, delicious sweets and drinks and bread with fruit and egg.

day one 

On the first day we went to the Elevador de Santa Justa and waited in line. The trip in the elevator wasn’t that interesting. We just sat and waited for a minute. It was a pretty elevator, but wouldn’t be worth a long wait. We came in early, so we had luck. And here comes my first recommendation. You can get to the top of the elevator by entering through the back. Just look at where the bridge of the elevator leads and follow it. You should be able to go up through the back of the building. It was a beautiful view, really!

Next up was Cemitério dos Prazeres. This is a cemetery created in 1833 after an outbreak of a cholera epidemic. It was truly stunning to walk through it! Some doors were ajar so that you could peek inside, a little creepy! I recommend that you walk to the sides of the cemetery (when you enter, walk straight ahead until you reach the end) because there you will have the best view of Lisbon!

Then we went to the Calouste Gulbenkian museum. This belonged to a rich man who traveled the world and collected beautiful things from among all sorts of countries! I’ve seen pots from Turkey, carpets from China and scupltures from Egypt. My favorite part were the paintings, there were so many defined ones!

As if that wasn’t enough of a busy day, we continued our journey by traveling to Avenida to escape from the Serial Killer! It was incredibly hard and it all seemed a little amateur (was great fun still). The woman who explained the rules had a little trouble with her English, pointing out several times in a row to not touch the portophone because it had electric wires sticking out. Me thinking she actually meant it was that dangerous was too afraid to come even near the thing, thus why we couldn’t get far in the game. Still,  this room was a little too hard. I can’t believe some people actually figured it out.

day two

Sintra it is! We went to see the Quinta and Pena palace. My sister wanted to see the well of Quinta and I wanted to go to Pena, so we mixed the two. It was a big walk and it was warm, but we made it out alive. I liked it, but I had expected more of the well to be honest. We didn’t enter the palace of Pena but stayed in the Gardens because our chauffeur said that the palace wouldn’t be worth the wait if it was busy inside. You’d have to wait 2 to 3 hours, he said.

After that we went to the Food Court which was a little busy. It was literally stacked! With trouble we managed to find a spot on high chairs and had to get our food in turns because we didn’t want to lose our spots. I liked the food court in the Vasco De Gama mall much better, it was so much more chill.

day three

We started our day with the yellow tram to a massive market. It’s the most famous one I believe, but I don’t remember where it was. It was beautiful and I loved walking through it. Didn’t buy anything, but my mom did buy a cute bowl.

Then we went to the Vasco da Gama mall and strutted around, had lunch and went back to the hotel to relax! Our hotel had the smallest pool, a circle with a diameter of 3 meters which was maybe 1.5 meters deep.

day four

Then we had a bike tour, Up The Hill from the company Boost. We had electric bikes which was so much fun! It was a little scary at first and I couldn’t get used to the jolt of speed that you got every now and then but it was fun. We had a group of maybe 12 people and there were 2 guides. They introduced themselves as the first one being serieus and the second one being funny. They were fun! Every now and then we would get off the bike and visit a place such as a small alley or a church.

Then we went to the Sexiest WC on Earth by Renova, because our tour guides had recommended it. Well, that was the one thing I will not recommend to anyone. It wasn’t that sexy, sure it was pretty. It would’ve been a nice surprise if you came across such a toilet in a hotel but it wasn’t worth the title. The walls were covered in wood and stone and on one wall was a gigantic mirror. That’s it. Literally.

And finally we went to the LX Factory, which was gorgeous but disappointing. Maybe it was because we rushed through it, we haven’t seen that much of it. The library was cool but so messy. I couldn’t find any good English books of movies, which was sad.

day five

We went to the beach! Some dog visited us and laid down next to me on my beach towel. When our parasol flew away the dog left straight away, searcing for shadow again. Adorable! After that we went to Roccio because my mother thought she had seen a cinema there, but she was wrong so we went to the hotel and relaxed for the res tof the day.

day six

On our last day in Lisbon we went to the Oceanario de Lisboa. There were large queues in order to get tickets, but my father was a genius by ordering tickets online on his phone as we were waiting in line. We were inside so much faster. But boy, it was busy! You literally had to wait a couple of minutes in front of windows to get sight of a fish. The staff shouldn’t let in so many people at once to be honest, it really ruins the experience.

And then we went home, as simple as that.


Lisbon, Lisboa, Lissabon. The capital of Portugal has pleasantly surprised me with its delicious Steak With Three Cheese Sauce and great heat. Watch out when searching a place for dinner, because the streets are filled with waiters who are trying to lure you into their chairs! 

There was this Indian restaurant, close to our hotel, which had a large queue of people who were all waiting to be seated. We saw that on our first evening and decided to come back the following evening a little early. Once we were seated, it was a huge disappointed. I liked my curry steak, but it was salty (like most of the Portuguese food) and wouldn’t be worth a long wait.

We used Lisboa Travel Cards for our first three days to travel by metro and bus. Then we used our Viva Card for the followings days for the metro and boat to get to Cacilhas. Watch out! My sister left her own viva card in the hotel so we had to buy here a new one and chose for the 1 day deal. She couldn’t get on the boat with it? It didn’t say that it was only meant for the metro, so watch out with that. She couldn’t even trade it for a normal card for the boat!

And once in Cacilhas we tried taking the bus to our beach, but our Viva Cards didn’t work. Apparently those are only for Lisbon, and where we were wasn’t Lisbon any more. They should adress that more clearly!

So that was Lisbon. I’m not so glad to be back, but I am kind of excited for my senior year.

Earnings of a 17 year old

Summer break. Seven or eight weeks that are promised to be sunny and hot, exciting and memorable. But here I am, sitting behind my laptop next to a window through which I can see thick rain drops falling off of leaves. The weather hasn’t been summer-ish here in the Netherlands, meaning that I unfortunately can’t go out and swim all and every day.

So, besides being creative I have decided to be as productive as possible. Ever since I was little I wanted to make money. I’d make these little magazines filled with offers of my services, such as downloading a Nintendo DS game for someone or cleaning their room. Mom didn’t think it was such a good idea to earn money from my siblings their chores, so I had to drop it.

But now, at the age of 17, I’m allowed to do a lot more. I’ve been doing these advertisement sites on which you can get a few cents by clicking on a button, but it hasn’t exactly been paying off. After more than a year I have almost reached 12,50 euros…

And on August 2015 I started getting actually paid. I started with my account on Redbubble, as I may or may not have told you about more than a thousand times. Every single time I would get a notification that I had earned three euros, I would get so excited. The earnings kept going up and up, especially each year around Christmas, but my current sales are getting lower and lower. Therefor I’ve decided to concentrate on making new designs this summer.

Since the start of summer I also have a job. A real life, summer job kinda thing. About twenty hours a week I’m in a clothing store for pregnant ladies and young newborns. I’m behind the cash register and although I’m getting paid terrible, the job isn’t as bad. I’m just glad that I have something to do this summer and I’m getting paid for it.

Then, also, I have an account of Fiverr. This is such a useful site if you need to get things done and you don’t want to spend too much money to get a logo designed or something. I personally have been translating documents a few times now, and although it takes up so much time and I get less than what would be the minimum wage, I’m happy to earn something from it.

And yet, with these types of income and my weekly pocket money I’m struggling to safe money for later. I’m also selling some old stuff like lamps and books, but I need to find a way to earn more money and safe it better.

Any tips would be extremely appreciated!


Fennec’s Awakening

Whale In Progress has been with me for the past two years, but I have lost the connection with the name. Therefore I have come up with a new, refreshing name. I have been debating with myself about the name, but as you can see WhaleInProgress has officially changed its name to Fennec’s Awakening.

Not only has the name of my blog changed, but I want to start making better and more quality posts with high definition photographs. I want to express my own creativity through this blog by showing you my digital art and writing.

This is no longer a place for a bunch of messy posts. I want this to be a clean and specified website about expressing your art and your mind. So, to start off with this entirely changed website, I’d like to share some simple photographs I have made recently.


  • Maximilia

How To Be Interesting

Fitting in has become a trend that everyone wants to follow. I, however, find a person much more interesting if their personality goes outside those standard lines. Even if it are just little quirks that most people try to hide, I see it all and I adore it. Therefor I give you a few things that I notice in people which makes me find them interesting.

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What I want to see in Portugal

Summer will start within a month, and honestly I am so excited. I just want these final weeks of school to be over so that I can fully concentrate on earning money and proceeding my hobbies. This year my parents booked a five-day trip to the beautiful and very interesting Lissabon, in Portugal. For that I decided to make a little list with the things that I want to see when I’m there.

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Growing up and growing old

Growing up and growing old are two entirely different things. The first one labels personality while the latter one emphasizes age. Perhaps I have mentioned it before, but I strongly dislike the idea of growing old. Watching everyone that you spend so much time with die while you keep on aging. Reaching the age where you know that it is too late to achieve what you have been dreaming for. I don’t like any of it.

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What do I want?

”What do you want to do when you grow up? What do you want to study, where do you want to live? Do you want children?” Questions like these constantly swirl through my mind, day in day out. As of right now I am in junior year, meaning that in two years I will be graduated. In school we sometimes discuss where everyone wants to study and when we do, I always keep quiet.

I have so many dreams. I want to study yet a the same time I want to take a Gap-Year. If it ever would be possible and inexpensive I would prefer to complete multiple bachelors and one or perhaps two majors. Why? Because I want to learn!

Right now I feel intrigued by Film Studies. There is this college in Amsterdam where I can see myself studying and part of me wants to do everything possible to go to that specific school. But that isn’t an University, it’s an HBO. It’s easier, I guess would be the easiest explanation. With the certificate that I will get as soon as I graduate from High School, I will be able to go to all universities or HBO’s. But because I studied this high level (I guess it’s similar to AP classes), I feel the need to go to university.

So then there’s astronomy which has always been so interesting to me. For that you need to be really good at physics and well.. I’m not. Still, I would love to work hard to learn about space and planets and stars…

At the moment I am thinking about taking a gap-year after High School. In this gap year I had hoped to go to a High School in America (even though their schools would be ‘too easy’ for me as I would have graduated already) but apparently that isn’t possible at the age of 18. So then I was thinking about studying abroad. A few months learning English in an English-speaking country would be so cool!

There’s so much I want to do and see. I want to learn, travel and experience but right now I cannot do any of those things. I’m stuck with High School for two more years, but I’m okay with that. I can’t imagine my High School years to be over. These people that I met are so special to me. I can’t imagine a life without them..

Has any of you studied abroad? If so, what did you study and where? I’d love to know!


My kind of music.

Yes, welcome! Today I am going to share some of my favorite tunes with you. Instead of choosing some popsongs that I like, that have been on the radio for the past weeks I have decided to choose some songs that perhaps not many people have heard of.

So first, let me introduce you to the best genre in the history of humanity. Poppunk! God, I love this genre. Although I can enjoy some good rock at times, this genre fits me perfectly. So here are 5 of my favorite poppunk or rock punk songs!

  • Awakening by Yellowcard
  • Bonfire by Slow Kids At Play
  • This Is War by Thirty Seconds of Mars
  • Mock by The Story So Far
  • In Too Deep by Sum 41

Now we will continue with five of my favorite old songs! As I am not very old myself I don’t know all the 80’s and 90’s music so instead here are some of my favorite ’00 tunes!

  • 1001 Arabian Nights by Chipz
  • All Star by Smash Mouth
  • Fascination by Alphabeat
  • Scream & Shout by Will.i.am and Britney Spears
  • Step Right Up by Jamai

And lastly some random songs that I fell in love with!

  • Back 2 U by Joey Gatto
  • I Will Be Found by John Mayer
  • Human by John Bellion
  • Wild Things by Alessia Cara
  • Au Revoir by The Front Bottoms

Please let me know what kind of music you like to listen to. Also, I’m searching for more and more punk bands so if you know a good one, comment please!

Lots of love


We were born to shine

I don’t want to live a life in which the government has already planned out my entire future- Study once High School is over, work until I’m old and then die as if my life has been fulfilled. How can a life be beautiful and succeeded if it hasn’t left behind anything except from a family name?

I can’t stand the idea of growing up, eventually dying without helping along to a different world. Not for me, but for the million others that will come after me. I want to be useful, I don’t want to get locked up in some silly office for 30 years.

Though I have dreams, like studying and travelling, I barely can see myself living in the same old home for 20 years while being married and having kids. Then you wake up almost every single day to do the same riddle of making breakfast, leaving to work, returning, going to bed and wake up the next day.

Isn’t that boring, I always want to ask other people including my parents. They don’t seem to want a different life, they seem to appreciate what they have.

Recently I saw a video of really old people who said they had fulfilled their lives and they were done with it. They wanted to die because they didn’t find their life worthy anymore. Some male figure said something along the lines of: ‘You wake up around 8, you eat breakfast and then you wait for time to pass. Nine o’clock, ten o’clock, eleven, twelve… And then, once you reach the evening you are too tired so you go to bed early. The next day you wake up, thinking: Oh, darn. I’m still alive.”’

I understand them, I would see myself feeling the same way if I had such a boring life too but I don’t understand what is so different about their life compared to an adult’s life. You wake up, you do what you do and you go to bed.

Sure, the ideal life I would love to have is quite extreme in all ways; Oh please let me wake up in a hotel most of the days, in all sorts of countries and capitals. Let me travel the world while continuing with the hobbies I have. Let me relax and let me explore. Let me learn about the world and let me share my knowledge with as many people as possible.

If I turn super old and I haven’t fulfilled my life the way I wanted it to be, I’d be so disappointed. I don’t want the standard life, but there is not much I can do about it; Travelling costs money, education costs money. Everything costs money and the only way to, legally, get money is to work.

Ugh, just a little rant. Sorry for not uploading as recently. I’m not in the mood.

Should We Conquer Our Fears?

This is what the dictionary tells you about fear.

Fear (n.); an unpleasant emotion or thought that you have when you are frightened or worried by something dangerous, painful or bad that is happening or might happen.

This is what, in my eyes, fear actually is.

Fear is an emotion or thought that warns you. The Human experience of fear is a result of stressors, hormones, and processing by our brains and nervous system. Watch out for that big truck or you might get overrun! Don’t get close to that spider because it might attack you! As you can conclude from these examples there is often a ‘might’ when you are talking about why you fear something, simply because we can never be sure.


Without fear life would be far more dangerous. People would take risks without even calling it risks because they don’t even risk. They’re just doing it, and whatever that it may mean, they are not afraid of it.

A world full of options will open up if you conquer every single one of your fears, but is that really worth it? Are we humans supposed to conquer our fears or are these fears in our lives for a reason?

If we’d conquer every single fear life would be far more boring. There wouldn’t be such things as adrenaline anymore. Rollarcoaster rides would be stupid because the tiny bit of fear inside of you will be gone.

We humans aren’t the only creatures who fear. Animals fear just as much as we do, and we know it. We’ve proven it through tests and sometimes it’s more than obvious to see that an animal is scared. So if they fear, why shouldn’t we? Are we really that different from animals at all? I don’t think so.

According to nowadays theories the human was either created by nature or by God. And guess what? Animals have been created by either of those just as well. Maybe most of them don’t have a working mind like we do, but they have many other specialties. Don’t you believe me?

Let’s start with the fish the salmon. These creatures have some sort of GPS in their minds because these fish can sense the Earth’s magnetic field and this will help them get home! Can we do that? Sure some of us have a good orientation but if something dropped us in the middle of nowhere, we could never ‘feel’ which way home was!

Bombardier beetles are next up on my list of pretty amazing animals. These beetles can trigger an internal chemical reaction that will create a boiling jet to expel towards their enemy! How sick is that?! Can we humans do a thing like that? No. The only thing we can shoot towards people we don’t like are farts, and they are not that special now are they?

And then we have this sick horned lizard. This little guy can shoot blood from it’s eye! Ew, gross yes I know but isn’t that amazing at the same time. (I don’t recommend that you search such videos of this animal because it’s pretty gross looking actually but that is not the point). The lizard can aim as good as a sharp-shooter and it will scare it’s enemies away.

And let’s not forget the Turritopsis Jellyfish! These cute jellyfishes can somehow make themselves young again and begin their life cycle over and over! How sick is that? Imagine us humans being able to do that!

Last, but secretly my favorite, the mantis shrimp. This little guy is first of all the most shiney and beautiful sea-animal I have ever seen but second of all, his abilities are amazing! You know how a human has 3 color-receptive cones. We have a green, red and blue cone which allows us to see thousands of mixed colors. But now imagine how the mantis shrimp would experience the world, as instead of 3 color-receptive cones he has 16! He can see colors that we never have and never will experience nor imagine. Isn’t it weird how we simply cannot imagine what those colors would look like?

Now I surely must’ve convinced you that there are way more interesting creatures than us humans. And honestly, I wandered a bit off topic but I just wanted to tell you these amazing facts. Back to the topic.

Fear is a big ‘what if’ that helps us remind the consequences of certain deeds. Should we really conquer these emotions so that we can go live a life without any tension?

What is real?

Reality is something we have spoken about countless of times. But what is reality? According to my dictionary the meaning of the word reality is ‘Something that actually exists or happens’. And so we say ”World War 2 was real.” and ”My dog exists” but how do we know? How do we know that these objects or events aren’t just things made up by your mind?

Because after all, we cannot prove that your dog exists. We don’t even know if the people around us actually have a mind. We all just suppose they do, but do they really? Ain’t I the only person who imagines all these crazy people and buildings?

A long time ago one woman murdered another. She argued that she believed she was in the so called Matrix. She believed that her crime was not a real thing and so, by reason of insanity, she was found unguilty. This confuses me, because there was no prove that she wasn’t in the Matrix. We cannot prove that her crime is a real thing. And why was the reason ‘insanity’? Simply because the opposite thoughts are being seen as way more healthy and logical. But once again, we cannot prove that her crime was an actual real thing.

All these thoughts and ideas of life are confusing and maybe even scary, but they interest me just as much. Lately I’ve been really into thinking which might sound odd. Now that it is finally summer break, I want to learn. And so I do. Anyway, let’s continue on the topic.

If you would disappear from the universe right now. Would life continue? Would the sun still be there or will it all die along with you. We cannot know that because there is no way to prove it. All we have is our own mind, which actually makes us very alone.

It all starts and ends with the mind. Without it, we wouldn’t be living in the first place. We wouldn’t be able to even hallucinate these things we call friends and we wouldn’t be able to think like we do.

Life is strange, but it’s interesting enough to try and find out more about it.




Brontide (n.) the low rumble of distant thunder

The thunder is far away, but it is coming your way and after a certain time you will have to deal with thunder because there is simply nothing you can do to stop it. The only thing you can and must do, is embrace what is going on. Maybe even wait until the thunder has disappeared but until then you need to embrace it.

For me, that’s a summary of life. Things will happen that you certainly do not like, and most of these things cannot be prevented from happening. People who are dear to you will die, you might get a horrible illness or maybe you’ll have to survive a natural disaster. Terrible things happen in life but there is no running away from them.

You cannot run away from thunder because thunder is everywhere. Maybe it will take a while before you realize, but you will always end up in a storm.

And once the storm is gone things will get better. Petrichor (the pleasant, earthly smell after rain) will raise up into our nostrils and it will make us feel one with nature. Relieve will float through our veins as the rainy clouds disappear and a blue sky shines above us.

And this, dear you, is why the beautiful yet simple word Brontide is a word that helps me remember not to get stuck in my emotions.

London [ 2 0 1 6 ]

Wow! I HAVE BEEN TO LONDON! Together with my mother and sister I flew out to Stansted Airport, where we took multiply trains to get to Hammersmith. Here we stayed in a small hotel for four days and we visited many places in London. Here’s a little summary of what we have done.



After we settled in the hotel, we went to Picadilly Circus and we went to VUE cinemas to go see the BFG. It was an amazing film and afterwards we went to grab some food in pizzahut. In the evening we went on a tourbus through London, which was amazing since the guide was super funny.



We woke up early and I had some scrambled eggs with toasts and beans, which was the best breakfast ever! Then we went to Covent Garden, where we walked through several stores and had a drink. We visited the park that lay across Green Park’s Underground, where we at some fish and chips. Afterwards we went to Harrots and Hamleys, I believe, and in the evening we went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in theatre, which was like the best thing ever. The decors were amazing, the acting was on point and I just loved it.



After the exact same breakfast we went to the Londo Dungeon. As we were waiting, I felt like shitting my pants but it wasn’t scary at all. I could pretty much say I was slightly disappointed, but it was fun. Next up was Camden Market, which was this really beautiful place with shops and a market or two. That day we also went to see London Eye and the Big Ben from up close. In the evening we ate at Nando’s, and late evening I even tried a Scotch Egg for the first time! Yum!



We woke up early and went to see the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. We were very early and thought we had found a perfect spot, but it wasn’t close to the palace walls so we couldn’t actually see that much. We left early so that we could calmly grab the underground to the Museum of Natural History, and I loved it eventhough we only got to spend an hour in there because of our flight.

And so our amazing days in London end! I have loved every single bit of it.

Certain People.

Certain people make a certain impression on me, when I first meet or see them. In real life, but as well as in the virtual world there are millions of personalities. Some as bright, some a bit darker. Though, who I recently found on YouTube changed my view op perspective maybe just a bit. So that is why, today, I will tell you about him and a few other, very inspiring people.


Let’s start of with the person that can wear the most beautiful smile I have ever seen in my entire life, and now I’m not trying to point out that I fancy him, because he’s 21 years old right now and I’m 16 so it be kinda odd.

Back to the point. This guy seems to be so positive, so happy and so genuine. Obviously I have not met him in real life, but to me it seems like he has a pure heart and I just love him for that. He’s an actor, I think, and a YouTuber, so you should definitely check him out.

Jonah kind of inspires me to look at the bright sides of things, if that makes sense. He’s always so happy, laughing like a goof and I guess it just makes me want to have as much fun as he has. So, I very much appreciate his existence.



This boy from Belgium is only 17 years old, and he ain’t perfect. A while ago (correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t know the exact situation because I don’t think it’s my business), Nathan and his fellow Youtuber friends were in a fight. Their friendship was ended and so Nathan made a video in which he explained things.

He told us about his bad habbits, and how he hates them though finds it hard to get rid of them. He lies and gets jealous easily, which both aren’t the rarest habbits but they are not good habbits.

Nathan kind of inspires me to accept myself the way I am. And then I am mainly talking about the bad habbits, because I lie every now and then too. Obviously I’m not just accepting that habbit, so please don’t think I will continue lying. But I am embracing some other habbits as I try to get rid of the worser ones.


This guy, better known as Anxiety War on Youtube, has already exposed a couple of pedophiles. The way he works is simple. He goes in all sorts of chats to act like a young girl or boy, and that way he gets in contact with certain pedophiles. After weeks of dirty conversations, he and the pedophile decide to meet up and then the confrontation begins.

Zach really inspires me to think straight and do what is best. Obviously I never would even consider becoming a pedophile (I don’t even think it’s possible due gender reasons), but you surely understand what I am trying to say.

If we want our worldwide community to stick together, instead of murdering one after another, we gotta work together. We gotta help each other and we have to prevent bad things from happening.

Unfortunately Zach has been sued by one of these pedophiles he has confronted. Since Zach doesn’t make any money through the Youtube videos he uploads, he doesn’t have enough money for an attorney. So please, I beg you, watch his videos as many times as you want and then please donate here.





Pokémon Go, my new addiction?

Several days ago, Pokémon Go has been released in Canada and such. Unfortunately it hasn’t been released in the Netherlands yet, though somehow I managed to get a download for the app. I’ve been playing, and I still am playing, Pokémon Diamond on my DS. Recently I have decided to rewatch the whole Pokémon series and well, let’s just say I am going crazy.

The hardest decisions in my life, have probably been about deciding which starter Pokémon to choose. So when I opened the app, my mind was full of considerations. Finally I have decided to choose Bulbasaur. Why? Well, first of all Charmander is way overused. Yes, I like Charmander probably more then Bulbasaur but seven out of ten would choose him. Then why no Squirtle? In my eyes Squirtle is just a cute (but badass) Pokémon that probably would be chosen by most girls who barely know what a Pokédex is.

So Bulbasaur it is.

I used my first Insence pretty straight away, because I just wanted to catch some Pokémon. I now have 15 Pokémon. Highest Combat Points is from Fearow, which I am fearly proud of to carry with me. He has a CP of 141 which is not bad at all.

Then I have one Venonat, CP 69. A Pidgeotto, CP 67. A Spearow, CP 42 and 10. A Weedle, CP 36 and 17. A Pidget, CP 28, 10 and 10.  A Rattata, CP 23, 10 and 10. Bulbasaur CP 14. And lastly a Kakuna CP 10.

So there’s a gym, captured by Team Red literally 200 meters away from me. A Pidgeot is guarding it. Then I see two Pokéstops both closeby aswell.

The game crashed a little bit earlier on, and my character kept walking towards the gym without me having to walk. From there I quickly made a screenshot and I saw another gym captured by Team Red, and a few Poké stops more.

Another big choice lays ahead. Which Team should I join? I’ve heard the mayority has join Blue, though in my area things have been captured by red. So if I join red, I sort of am in advantage. Though, if I choose a different team I can actually fight nearby my house.

For this game you need Internet Connection. One problem, I have prepaid. I’m not sure whether you use that term in English too but in the Netherlands it means that I do not have a subscription on a certain ammount of MP. Which means that if I want to get Internet somewhere without WiFi, I will need to spend lots of money.

Also, if I somehow find eggs I have no idea how I will manage to walk for 2, 5 or 10 kilometres because driving with bus or car doesn’t work, and besides I do not have Internet so it wouldn’t be recorded either way…


So yeah.. My goal is to find a Noctowl..

Do you have the game?



Safety First!


In parts of America the Summer Break has already started, I believe. In the south of the Netherlands we still have to keep going for another 5 weeks! Then finally I can continue my explore around the world. Though, we can’t just mindlessly step into the airplane and fly off in joy. Unless, of course, you wanna get home to see burglars have emptied your house because you forgot to lock your window.

Simplisafe, experts in wireless home monitoring wanted to know how I made sure to leave my house safely behind. So today I’ve got a few tips and tricks!



Every evening, when the sun starts to go down and the moon slowly makes it’s way to some place high in the sky, lamps will jump on all across the house. My bedroom lamp will shine for a while, just as the lamps downstairs to make it look like someone’s home.

My father loves them deeply and though some burglars will be smarter than this, I think the time switch will help you a lot to keep your house and belongings safe!



Laptops, mobile phones, the playstation.. Everything expensive that we won’t bring along on our trip, will be brought to my grandmother. I think this might be a tip that not many people would think of, but it’s quite useful. Above all, transporting the precious belongings is another excuse to visit a family member or a good friend!

If you bring your belongings to a family member or friend, you probably should make sure they are not going on holiday somewhere else.



Unless you have enough money to afford a working security camera, you could easily buy a dummy of a security camera! Hang it outside, pointing towards a place that would be the easiest for burglars to enter your house and you’re done!

We have one hanging outside, pointing into the garden. It will definitely scare the burglars away.



Take photos of every expensive or important object that you cannot bring to, in my case, my grandmother. My father does this every year, over and over again. Photos of our pianoforte, photos of our televisions and such. I believe this is actually to be sure that if the objects get stolen, you still get an insurance.



Maybe this isn’t a big deal in America, because I believe you there have a mailbox standing away from the house. In the Netherland though, the mailbox is in the front door.

Throughout the whole year, teenagers go around playing with firework and it has happened in our town, that teenagers pushed firework through the mailbox and into the house.

Besides firework, there are ways to open locks by simply having a stick with a certain curve, and the technique. To prevent this from happening just make sure you seal your mailbox. Ducktape is probably the best option.



My parents tell me this every single year, twenty times over and over again. Do not post photos or messages about how amazing your holiday is, when you leave and when you come back. Sure, share pictures with friends but don’t put it all over facebook or instagram.

People aren’t stupid nowadays. They can track every little message if they want to, and if they see you’re still awake for another week, why not choose to burglar you?

I know, it’s hard not to post all those beautiful photos but it’s for the best.



This one is probably the worst tip ever, but it might actually work. All you gotta do is put a note on a table, which says something like ‘I’ll be home in half an hour.’

It’s so easy yet it might manage to scare people away. How ridiculous it might sound..



These tips have been fun, but they do not guarantee the protection of your house. I can almost hear you ask, what then does guarantee the protection of my house? Nothing. Burglars will be burglars.

But a way to keep your house super safe, is with a security system. Simplisafe has made this infographic on how to keep your house safe. For more information and tips on safety, check Simplisafe’s website.