On the cold 18’th of February 2015, Fennec’s Awakening went live. By then I had been writing stories for over three years and I had been experimenting with digital design for about 5 years. I had to find a new way to express my creativity, so that’s how I stumbled across the idea of a blog.

Expressing your unique mindset and creativity is really important to me. I believe that you should always learn from the different visions around you. A wise man once said that imagination is more powerful than knowledge, and I agree with him. It is the strongest, most powerful voice out there and if you use it right, you can help so many others.

But who am I, the mindset behind Fennec’s Awakening?

You can call me Max, short for Maximilia. I was born as a Taurus in the year 2000 in the low lands, the Netherlands. I’ve lived there for my entire life, but I have always had the dream of migrating to another country.

I have a burning passion for traveling. Seeing the world is not about being on a holiday, but it’s about getting to know an entirely different culture. I also love reading, baking, and all the creative activities.

My love for nostalgia is indescribably big. So, secretly this blog holds the purpose of functioning as a different kind of diary to which I can look back on once I’m gray and old.



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