Remember how I told you the story of how I got my beautiful dog? Well, today I will tell you about all the things that makes my dog so special. She’s really one of a kind and has such an unique character that has to be shared with the world.

That’s her, yes, on the left. Back when we had Puck too, Abby was always in the shadow of her sister. She was happy with every pet and was always up to play around. Well, throughout the years that young dog has changed.

Don’t get me wrong, Abby is still the sweetest dog but she has become quite the princess of the house. We must have done something wrong in raising her, because Abby has a say in almost everything. If her bed isn’t in the right place, she will bark and peep until you do something about it. If her bed sheets (yes, we gave her bed sheets) aren’t in the right place, she will either look at you until you change it up or she will jump on it and try to change it herself. When I’m downstairs late at night, typing on my computer as I sit next to her, she will literally growl because she’s annoyed and wants to go to sleep.

We don’t look at that as something negative. It’s just who she has become throughout the years, and her high demands can always make us laugh. One thing Abby used to do was what we called the crazy 5 minutes, in which Abby would get a rush of energy and sprint through our garden for a couple of minutes without any purpose. She’d literally run around in circles, it was amazing. She doesn’t do that as much nowadays, but now she’s really into hunting down rabbits. Don’t worry, she won’t harm a single hair on the creatures, she just likes running after them. But it’s not just that, Abby will literally jump like a deer over the bushes while doing so. Some neighbors know Abby for her love for jumping over the bushes, it’s hilarious.

I could happily talk on for hours about Abby, but for now I will leave it with this. This post was inspired by Aura Frames, a new digital picture frame with a special pet collections feature. If you want to hear more about Abby, let me know!


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