Writing. One month you might find me glued behind my desk, my hands continuously moving over the keyboard to fire all my ideas onto paper. The following month you’ll then probably find me on the couch, wondering how the hell I could continue with the chapter.

Inspiration is the key to creating anything. For me this creations are either stories or drawings, but they can be films, technology or recipes. Everything creative starts with inspiration. But, if you have a creative mind like me, you have probably stumbled across the infamous ‘writer’s block’ as they call it. I believe it can be a block for anything, it’s just something that keeps you from getting inspired enough to write. It sucks, and writer’s blocks can glue to you for months. To break through those writer blocks I believe time is necessary. Take a little while off of whatever you’re trying to create and go outside. While you take time off, try one of these following things.

Experience things
I recently had to go to the hospital for surgery. Nothing major, half of my jaw is growing faster, making my teeth messed up. Anyway, for that surgery I got general anaesthesia, meaning I blacked out and woke up for what felt like minutes later. This may have not particularly given me inspiration, but now I can tell from my own perspective what it felt like to black out and wake up all confused. Sure, you can search on the internet for experiences but you cannot be as creative with that as with what you experienced yourself.

Movies and television shows
And books perhaps too. Anything that prickles that eager little mind of yours is good for getting inspiration. I’ve seen tons of movies the past days just because I want my emotions to respond. That’s what gives me inspiration. Observe very closely. How does each character respond to every action? I’ve re-watched the first season of Teen Wolf probably 7 times by now and only now I start understanding the characters. Don’t just focus on the front ground, but search in the background for the characters and hints.

And listen to the lyrics of music. Try stepping into the artist and try imagining what they have experienced. What made them chose those lyrics? Also, what I love to do when I walk the dog is listen to some music and simply imagine. I can look at the waving grass for ten minutes and imagine a gun fight, happening right behind me. I can imagine all the Avengers coming to rescue villagers.

Like I said three seconds ago, imagine. Even without music (though music personally helps me a lot with it). My favorite places to come up with little stories in which I’m the protagonist are both in the car and in bed in the morning. Probably 70% of my stories start there. Without inspiration. Just me and my mind.

Multifandom videos
Created by the fans themselves, multifandom videos are probably the most inspiring videos on the internet. To met that is. You really need to check some out. They are basically a bunch of clips from different television shows or whatever, glued together to form this 4 minute video about a certain topic. It gives you a good overview of how different characters have handled similar situations. It is honestly the best thing.

And if, after all these tips, you still can’t type three words before deleting them…

Welcome to the team.

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