How To Be Interesting

Fitting in has become a trend that everyone wants to follow. I, however, find a person much more interesting if their personality goes outside those standard lines. Even if it are just little quirks that most people try to hide, I see it all and I adore it. Therefor I give you a few things that I notice in people which makes me find them interesting.

When someone is studious, it makes them so much more fun to be around. And no, I don’t mean those people who love to study for school. I’m talking about the people who go online after school to search for the history of the Viking, or those who do research on the effects of Yoghurt. Just the fact that people want to learn is so intriguing.

Music taste
When someone has a specific music taste and they can rant on about it for hours, it makes them interesting. As long as they have reasons to love their music, instead of just listening to the Top2000 because it’s hip. I need to hear arguments if I want to get to know someone! If someone just claims to like Drake because the songs are fun, it is so much less interesting.

Abraham wants to get a degree in Astronomy, Beatrix wants to travel Europe and Carlos wants to open up a restaurant. When people know what they want in life, and more specifically when they are so determined to get what they want- That is amazing. I don’t care if their goal has something to do with sport, school, nature of whatever. I can listen to their excitement for hours.

Now this one is quite hard to explain. You know how there are people who won’t respond on your texts until three hours after they have received them? You just sit there, knowing that they have read the messages, getting annoyed that they don’t take the time to respond. People get frustrated by that daily, but it has something mysterious I think. I don’t mind if people take long to respond, it only means that they have other things to do in life. They have hobby’s to do or people to be with.

This one should be easy to understand. People with secrets are interesting. I can be extremely curious, desperately wishing I knew what was wrong with Dorothy and why Evan skipped class, but I don’t like to squeeze myself into conversations in which people feel forced to tell me things they don’t want to. That’s why I’d rather just shake it off, keeping their secret a secret to me. Then I go and wonder what the truth could be. Then I find them interesting again.


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