What I want to see in Portugal

Summer will start within a month, and honestly I am so excited. I just want these final weeks of school to be over so that I can fully concentrate on earning money and proceeding my hobbies. This year my parents booked a five-day trip to the beautiful and very interesting Lissabon, in Portugal. For that I decided to make a little list with the things that I want to see when I’m there.

Bairro Alto

This little area of Lissabon seems so beautiful to me. The colorful streets, the adorable little trolleys and the truly amazing view. I can’t wait to take photo’s of this beautiful neighborhood.

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos
This is a beautiful monastery in Lisabon. It seems so grand and spectacular. It was build in 1502 and was designed by the architect Diogo de Boitaca.


I love myths, so I just have to visit this sculpture called the Adamastor. The character is famed by Luís de Camões, a Portuguese poet.  The character is a symbol for the nature disasters that the Portuguese navigators had to survive.

A Vida Portuguesa
This little shop sells typical Portugese things. I’d love to strut through the shop and I’m sure this is the place to get an original souvenir.

Feira da Ladra
The Feira da Ladra is a market where you can buy both antique and new things. Now, I’m not a big fan of markets but knowing my mother loves them, I do want to pay the market a visit.

If you have ever visited Lisbon, please let me know what I must go pay a visit!

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