How we got our dog

Her name is Abby and at the age of only a few months, she was found with her sister next to a highway in Greece. She was taken in by some kind of foster family and soon she was deported to the Netherlands. There she stayed with a guest family.

I remember it was animal day of 2010 when a collector dropped by and asked us if we had some money for the shelter animals. Us being one for the animals, searched our piggy banks. With the three of us children, we already collected about 20 euros, I believe. The man was blown away by our generosity (my parents gave money too), so he asked us if he could treat us with apple pie.

Like hold on there. We gave away our money because we care for animals, that does not mean you have to spend money thanking us. What we did seemed (and still seems) perfectly normal for me. Standing for what we believe in is important, even if it means giving away all your pocket money.

The next day however, the man showed up with a calendar. Written on it was Mirtos and on it were a lot of very adorable puppies. It was then that my brother and I decided we would absolutely love to have a dog. Crazy enough, the following morning our parents seemed to agree with it.

I can clearly remember how we ate breakfast when my parents said we should check on the Mirtos site (Mirtos saves street dogs and gives them safe homes) and very casually mom suggested we should search for a dog named Poppy or Josie. My brother and I didn’t even find it suspicious how my mom had already figured out a name.

We searched the names on the site and two adorable puppies appeared. One had his legs sideways, almost like a mermaid would sit on a rock. Mom fell in love straight away, dad too. So soon enough we got two puppies and changed their names to Puck and Abby.

Unfortunately, after half a year the two sisters started fighting with one another. Puck was very dominate as Abby acted like the slave of Puck. We had to choose between them and the other dog would leave. We chose for Abby, and I am so grateful we did. Abby has changed from the slave-role to the princess, but I love her more than anything. Puck went to another great family. They changed her name to Abby too, which is a little strange but quite funny. After one month of separation, we brought the two sisters together again but they didn’t even seem to know one another.\

Abby behind Puck. I found this photo back and melted when I saw Abby’s excitement.


The moral of this store is not that you will forget about your sister after a month of separation. It’s about how you should get a dog. If Mirtos hadn’t saved my dog that day in Greece, she might have been shot or she might have been eaten alive. They saved a dog, which is so much better than breading a dog. Sure, Abby has no dog breed. She is a mixture of all kinds of dogs (possibly a deer too) and that is one of the many things I love about her. You don’t need a dog that is bred just to look a certain way. There are so many dogs out there that need our help.

If you are looking for a dog, go to the shelter or (if you’re Dutch) go to
You can save a dogs life.


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