Pokémon Go, my new addiction?

Several days ago, Pokémon Go has been released in Canada and such. Unfortunately it hasn’t been released in the Netherlands yet, though somehow I managed to get a download for the app. I’ve been playing, and I still am playing, Pokémon Diamond on my DS. Recently I have decided to rewatch the whole Pokémon series and well, let’s just say I am going crazy.

The hardest decisions in my life, have probably been about deciding which starter Pokémon to choose. So when I opened the app, my mind was full of considerations. Finally I have decided to choose Bulbasaur. Why? Well, first of all Charmander is way overused. Yes, I like Charmander probably more then Bulbasaur but seven out of ten would choose him. Then why no Squirtle? In my eyes Squirtle is just a cute (but badass) Pokémon that probably would be chosen by most girls who barely know what a Pokédex is.

So Bulbasaur it is.

I used my first Insence pretty straight away, because I just wanted to catch some Pokémon. I now have 15 Pokémon. Highest Combat Points is from Fearow, which I am fearly proud of to carry with me. He has a CP of 141 which is not bad at all.

Then I have one Venonat, CP 69. A Pidgeotto, CP 67. A Spearow, CP 42 and 10. A Weedle, CP 36 and 17. A Pidget, CP 28, 10 and 10.  A Rattata, CP 23, 10 and 10. Bulbasaur CP 14. And lastly a Kakuna CP 10.

So there’s a gym, captured by Team Red literally 200 meters away from me. A Pidgeot is guarding it. Then I see two Pokéstops both closeby aswell.

The game crashed a little bit earlier on, and my character kept walking towards the gym without me having to walk. From there I quickly made a screenshot and I saw another gym captured by Team Red, and a few Poké stops more.

Another big choice lays ahead. Which Team should I join? I’ve heard the mayority has join Blue, though in my area things have been captured by red. So if I join red, I sort of am in advantage. Though, if I choose a different team I can actually fight nearby my house.

For this game you need Internet Connection. One problem, I have prepaid. I’m not sure whether you use that term in English too but in the Netherlands it means that I do not have a subscription on a certain ammount of MP. Which means that if I want to get Internet somewhere without WiFi, I will need to spend lots of money.

Also, if I somehow find eggs I have no idea how I will manage to walk for 2, 5 or 10 kilometres because driving with bus or car doesn’t work, and besides I do not have Internet so it wouldn’t be recorded either way…


So yeah.. My goal is to find a Noctowl..

Do you have the game?



One thought on “Pokémon Go, my new addiction?

  1. Join us Blue Brothers!

    Seriously though, this game has taken over my life. It’s a good thing though, I’ve actually been outside more in the past few days than I have all year. #gettingthatvitaminD


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