10 Years time?!


Where will I be, in ten years time?
That’s the question I asked myself after watching this video. Turns out, it’s not any easy question to answer, simply because we don’t know what will happen but today I’ll get more into my thoughts about the future.

In ten years time I will turn 25. I wonder if I found a great job, or if I even finished college. I hope I traveled lots of places, not just on my own but also with amazing friends. There might be a chance that I live somewhere completely else, maybe England or America. That definitely would be my greatest wish. England, America or Australia. Three beautiful places I’d love to visit, or even move to one day. Did I take a Gap Year, did I do some volunteering work? I hope so, but this post is more about exactly 10 years in the future.

Please, I truly hope to live in England, everything seems more fun over there. Have I found a boyfriend, is he the one? Will I work fulltime, and what am I doing? Am I working at an office, I hope not. Am I working as a Designer? That’s my dream job right now but it could change in 10 years time. The littlest chance for me, is to be a successful Youtuber in 10 years time.


We all have dreams. I’d love to meet the funniest and most friendly Youtubers in the universe, I’d love to be friends with them and travel every where with my best mates but let’s be honest. Of course, there’s a chance it might happen. But be realistic, out of the 7 billion people I’d meet them? Dream on. It’s okay to have dreams, and almost impossible dreams tough. I believe it’s good to have them, when you think about those you get into your optimistic mood which is great for making achievements.

Anyway, where did I get lost… Oh, right. Would I be the type of party-all-week-every-dag-type? No, I don’t think so. I think I’ll be independent, living somewhere on my own, making spaghetti every day. Maybe this is more the student-type of life, but I’m waiting to have this style for such a long time.

What would be my hobby? Photographic, music or still drawing? Sports are possible aswell, but I doubt on that one right now. Did I continue playing guitar, did I get better in it? All these billions of questions no one can answer yet. All this thinking brought me to the next question.


What’s the point of life?
Now, everyone has their own opinion on this question and I’d love to read your opinion. In my opinion, life is sort of useless for the universe but that doesn’t mean you should stay in bed all day, doing nothing. I feel like life is a game, and the achievements you reach are the points you can get. There will always be a Game Over, but it’s your decision about how much you keep trying before giving up.

This is probably why I want to do so much, and I prefer to do things right now. I just can’t. I’m too young to travel around the world, too young to get a job. School’s important, people tell you. I know it is, and I’m working really hard for it, but that doesn’t take away that I want to do something else aswell. School isn’t useless, I know that, but it would be better to have a double life.

You’ll never know when your Game Over will be, you might be young when it happens. Before that sad time, I want you to do something you always wanted to do. That doesn’t matter for the young, ill people but for everyone. Make a bucket list, do something. Before it’s too late.

Your last day shouldn’t be hell. You shouldn’t have to look back and see what you could’ve become instead of what you became because then you can say to yourself: I did my best, and I loved every bit of it.

Hope this didn’t get too deep, haha.


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